We can't control our destiny, but we can control who we become - Anne Frank



Counselling and psychotherapy offer a safe and confidential environment into which you may bring any issues that are concerning or distressing you. It offers an opportunity to spend time in a supportive and non-judgemental space, help to find expression for your thoughts and feelings, gain greater self understanding and clarity and to discover fresh ways of behaviour and new perspectives.   It is a chance to look at your inner resources, of which we are often unaware, and to make different choices in your way of being in the world.

It offers an opportunity to be heard without bias, to look at patterns in your life which may hold you back from your full potential and to find other ways forward.  Often we are only a step away from being able to think or see an issue slightly differently, sometimes this takes longer.   It is a very individual process but one in which you, the client, is always encouraged to go at your own pace and to find your own unique way of being and living who you truly are.